Q: How to join servers ?
A: Go to cmr04.com and learn how to activate ingame servers browser
or join our dss directly by ip :

ds1 - ip: port:30001
ds2 - ip: port:30002

Q: May I choose stage by myself ?
A: Just say for example 'esp1' 'aus 2' 'jpn 3'
(Recognized words : esp, spa, aus, usa, jap, jpn, uk, gb, fin, gre, grc)
You may say 'lott' to set random stage.

Q: Why my PING is so high ?
A: In fact this DS doesnt measure PING and what you see is some random value.

'.reset' - say it when all players are ready but the game won't start
'.only' - to lock present stage
'.rally' - to lock present country (stage numbers will be changing by +1 but country name will be locked)

If you'd like to follow stages from old Gerarock' rallysprints say :
'.sprint uk'
'.sprint aus'
'.sprint usa'
'.sprint gre'
'.sprint grc'
'.sprint swe'